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UW Pediatrics

Pediatrics Remote Access

Pediatrics IT supports several solutions for Secure Remote Access to the Pediatrics Network.  To properly identify which solution is right for you, please contact PEDS IT.

When do I need Remote Access?

You need remote access to access/edit/download files from Pediatrics PedSecure (R: Drive) or User/Home folders (U: Drive) storage servers from off-campus or home computers.  You do not need remote access when you just need to check email or access Pediatrics Internet and Intranet websites.

What types of Remote Access are available?

  • VPN Access through UWIT Husky OnNet
  • Remote Access to your work desktop - please contact Pediatrics IT Helpdesk to request setup in advance.

How do I Access Pedsecure?

See the Peds Pedsecure Quick Connect Guide for Remote Users document.