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Kihan Kim, MD

Critical Care Medicine
Associated with Fellowship(s)
Cardiac Intensive Care Fellowship
Critical Care Medicine Fellowship
Professional Bio

Dr. Kim attends in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. His academic focus is in on the role of ECMO/ECLS in the support of children with impaired cardiac function. After finishing PCCM fellowship at Seattle Children's Hospital, Dr. Kim stayed on as a clinical instructor in the CICU until 2011 when he went to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, UK, for an additional year of Clinical Fellowship in CTICU & ECMO. He returned to Seattle Children's in the fall of 2012. He has been involved with QAPI effort within CICU by forming a multidisciplinary group which became a core group for the inaugural CICU Microsystem Local Improvement Team under the initiative led by the Center for Quality and Safety at Seattle Children's Hospital.