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Cyril M Engmann, MD

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Neonatal-Perinatal Fellowship
Professional Bio

Clinical Interest: Maternal, newborn and child health, development, and survival; optimizing maternal, newborn and child nutrition, growth, and early childhood development in low and high‐income settings; assuring holistic, family‐centered, high‐quality care to infants and their families in community and facility settings.

Scholarly Focus: Dr Engmann is widely regarded as a global leader in the field of maternal, newborn child health and nutrition (MNCHN). He is regularly invited to partner with a broad cross‐section of stakeholders including United Nations agencies such as the World Health Organization and UNICEF, private foundations, academic centers, and non‐governmental organizations. He frequently leads MNCHN policy, implementation, and educational dialogues in the USA and with national governments including the Governments of the United Kingdom, India, South Africa, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Ghana. He chairs a consortium that advises Britain on how best to spend and invest its overseas development money on nutrition through conducting in‐depth country and international‐level research and analysis, and regularly conducts educational briefings at the US Senate. Cyril remains passionate about the generation, transfer, preservation, and pragmatic utilization of knowledge through interdisciplinary collaborations, establishing strategies, and executing integrated programs that improve the human condition and put bold solutions into action.

Research Funding:

2018‐2023            Demographic and Health Surveys‐8. United States Agency for International Development, Role: Program Lead, Total Award: $5,070,891

Administration/Education Roles: Cyril Engmann is the Global Program Leader for Maternal, Newborn, Child health and Nutrition at PATH, an international non‐governmental health organization driving transformative innovation to save lives in 70 countries. The MNCHN departments work spans the value chain from research, policy and planning, technical assistance, program, and implementation science at global and national level, and represents funding received from a wide variety of sources including the National Institutes of Health & Centers for Disease Control, private foundations such as Gates, CIFF, Hilton, Family Larsson Rosenquist, and governments including USAID & DFID.