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UW Pediatrics

Brand Portal

The Communications Team provides templates and tools to meet the varied needs of our department.

Providing a clear sense of organizational identity can be a challenge in a multilayered group like ours. We are a department within UW Medicine, within the University of Washington, and yet have team members deployed at various locations, including Seattle Children’s. In this way, much of our workforce resides between the UW and Seattle Children’s, and therefore follows dual brands.  We provide general tools and guidance, understanding that our team has varying needs at different times.

As a general rule, when in doubt, use the UW Medicine templates and guidance.

Pediatrics Colors & Fonts

We align foremost with UW Medicine colors and fonts to create and energetic and welcoming personality. Due to our unique relationship with Seattle Children's, there are occasions where we might incorporate their colors on a limited basis.



CMYK: 93/100/18/21
RGB: 51/0/111
HEX: 4b2e83

UW Pediatrics Gold

CMYK: 0/18/63/19
RGB: 207/170/76
HEX: cfaa4c

Seattle Children's Blue

CMYK: 95/21/0/39
RGB: 8/123/155
HEX: 087b9b

Seattle Children's Gray

CMYK: 5/3/0/51
RGB: 118/120/124
HEX: 76787c

Seattle Children's Orange

CMYK: 0/45/66/9
RGB: 233/128/79
HEX: e9804f

Pediatrics Fonts

We follow the UW Medicine standard of using The Encode Sans Normal font family for headlines and titles, and The Open Sans font family for sub-headers and large bodies of text.

Use Calibri for PowerPoints, agendas, fact sheets and email signatures.

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Pediatrics Photography

We strive to follow the UW Medicine Photography ideal -- photographs on our website should capture the warmth of humanity and the intimacy between our staff and the people we serve. Our photos should draw on real-world experiences.  We aim to showcase inclusitivity and equality by representing diversity of ages, genders, and ethnicities.  We avoid staged, dramatically retouched, or manipulated photos. 

Website branding example photos, courtesy of UW Medicine.
Photo branding examples courtesy of UW Medicine.

Read more about our photography branding and find the asset library at UW Medicine Photograph Resources.

Other UW Photography Resources

Free Images

There are many free sources of stock images.  Stock image choices should follow our same photography standards.  They should not be staged, dramatically retouched, or manipulated.  They should not be used as decoration only.

Check the licenses and terms of use to confirm that they are free to use, and whether they require specific crediting or attribution.


Email Signatures

Currently, you may use either a UW or Seattle Children’s email signature, though the preferred version for our department is UW Medicine as we align primarily with the University. For example:


Email Signature Sample


More information can be found below.



Factsheets & Reports​​​​​​

Use the following templates to create a UW Pediatrics factsheet or report.

Other Templates

UW Pediatrics PowerPoint Presentations

UW Pediatrics consists of faculty, staff, and researchers deployed at multiple locations (each with its own brand) and with varying presentation needs. This multi-brand identity and multi-use scenario makes it impossible to meet all needs with a single PowerPoint template. Instead, we have provided two general use templates based on current versions from UW and Seattle Children’s, as well as links to additional presentation resources.

View the changelog for template version history.



UW Pediatrics currently uses a paid email management system to produce and manage our weekly digital newsletter. We are not currently set up to add Division newsletters to this system.  If your Division is looking to add a newsletter, you can consider:

  • Creating a PDF newsletter using UW Medicine templates.
  • Creating a basic html email newsletter in Outlook.  UW Medicine also provides html templates.
  • Using an email automation system like MailChimp or ConstantContact.  Note that these options may offer some free services, but advanced features cost money.

Header Images

Email header images can be helpful in promoting a specific event, program, or announcement. An email header image is embedded at the top of an email, followed by the content of the email.  Example:

Email Header Sample

We can provide advice and guidance on creating an appropriate email header or template.  You can find additional resources on the UW Medicine Email Templates and Communication brand guideline page.

Virtual Backgrounds

As virtual meetings have become more prominent, you may want a custom background to professionalize your remote location.

We have created several UW Pediatrics background options.

Additional Background Options

How to Use a Virtual Background

Be aware that the options we have provided here may not work for all systems or devices.