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Katie R. Nielsen, MD, MPH

Critical Care Medicine
Associated with Fellowship(s)
Critical Care Medicine Fellowship
Professional Bio

Clinical Interests: 

  • Providing high-quality, equitable care for all critically ill children at Seattle Children’s Hospital and Harborview Medical Center
  • Improving provider-caregiver communication during prolonged PICU hospitalizations, especially for those who use a language other than English

Research Interests:

  • Improving the care of critically ill children at Instituto Nacional de Salud del Niño (INSN) in Lima, Peru. Alongside Peruvian collaborators, we implemented high flow nasal cannula as an additional form of respiratory support for children in the PICU at INSN. This intervention reduced rates of reintubation and has been sustainable over time.
  • Continuity of care for children with prolonged PICU hospitalizations. This work includes a quantitative analysis of the implementation of a PICU continuity provider for children with prolonged PICU hospitalizations and a qualitative description of caregiver experiences with provider continuity.
  • Epidemiology of pediatric critical illness in resource-limited settings