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Faculty Mentoring Resources

Mentoring in the Department of Pediatrics

The Department of Pediatrics of the University of Washington is dedicated to the success of all members in the Department. One of the keys to this success is ensuring that all faculty, especially faculty before they reach the Associate professor level, have appropriate mentoring. The Department"s expectation is that all junior faculty, regardless of track, will have identified mentors and use them. These documents and resources here have been developed to help faculty (both mentees and mentors) understand our expectations for mentorship and guide them in the process of setting up and using a mentoring team. Our attempt is not to replace what many divisions are already doing, but rather to enhance any existing efforts to ensure all faculty have the mentorship they need to make their careers a success.

We welcome any feedback you might have. We believe in constant process improvement and will use your input to make this program as useful to you, the faculty, as it can be.

Mentoring Resources